"Egger understands complexity and change, and doesn’t oversimplify. Instead, he helps his readers with questions to ask, and lists of deliverables for each building block. This is what makes “Future Value Generation” so extremely valuable. The book provides a great framework for exploring the future and creating new value, as well as many valuable insights, even for people who tend to think they have seen, heard or read it all." Mark Storm, Leadership Thought Leader (read the full review, Amazon)

"This is an amazing book that brings us such a clear and dismystified vision of how to generate value in the future, in a very humanized form. I believe it should be read and discussed in schools, so people would be more prepared to create a better reality." Alexandre Mosquim, Innovation Expert (GoodReads)

"There are few books that deal with the subject of building future values. This is one of the best of the lot. I strongly recommend it". Luli Radfahrer, Associate Professor (GoodReads)

"Das Buch regt mit seinen praktischen und innovativen Konzepten zum Umdenken an und ist eine gute Hilfestellung für alternative Zukunftsstrategien und Denkweisen. Auch für Branchenfremde gut verständlich geschrieben - eine absolute Empfehlung!!", Marco (Amazon.de)