Future Value Generation

Innovation merely attempts to solve past problems, Strategy locks in a static worldview, and foresight too often explores what is possible, but not practical. The missing integration of the three processes leads to a prioritization of the present, and an intensifying urgency to prepare for the future.

Strategy must react swiftly, be prepared, and have access to alternatives—options that allow us to manage crises in the present, explore new opportunities, and implement the changes necessary.

Innovation will be implemented in the future, in a reality different from ours. That is why we need to understand what will be important to people, what technologies are possible.

Foresight is about understanding new realities. Knowing what will change and how to adapt your business abilities means to connect the present with the future.

To create new value, companies need integration. The logic presented in this book explores the synergies and benefits of connecting innovation, foresight and strategy. It presents a framework that increases the agility of strategic implementation, establishes a continuous and aligned innovation process, and explains how to generate value for the future.

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