Welcome to the movement!

Colourfull.me is about influencing positively the dilemma of ageism.

People over 40, in some countries even over 35, experience already age discrimination. Though, most of us will work at least until the age of 64 (OECD). The reasons are manifold and range from need to pleasure. Indifferent, people will work +25 years in a society that current leaks solutions to handle the simple reality: we are aging.

It’s a dilemma where no single solution can change the system. Though, if we work together and influence society from different points we can create a positive impact.

Colourfull.me has the goal to initiate this change. As a movement we can make a difference.

How do we in imagine to influence the system?

  1. Connect with people who want to create a change. Everyone is welcome: doers and thinkers. The objective is to create a community that shares the same goal not only to think about it but to INFLUENCE the system positively. We start with a LinkedIn and Facebook community. January 2019 - June 2019

  2. We explore the system and its parts . From issue trees to system maps the goal is to create an understanding of the challenges in the system. July 2019 - October 2019

  3. We identify the top 10-25 issue and start creating solutions. With the “points of influence” selected to impact the system, we start to design ideas and concepts how to change the system. November 2019 - January 2020

  4. We set up a strategy how to implement the solutions. Embracing the ideas towards implementation makes the difference. Ideas should not stay on paper but be developed. People who identify themselves with the topics will push the implementation. They are the business owner where the movement acts supporting where it can. February 2020 - future